A-Z Challenge

A-Z Challenge
So this is my first blog- and my first attempt at this challenge. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


So there is this guy.  The first time he came into the library, he requested all the books I had about school shootings, the weapons that were used, the plans they had, details of what exactly happened, etc.  Well I don't know about you, but this sent red flags up for me.  So I told my boss (who told security).  And what did security do?  Told the patron that *I* found his actions to be suspicious.  I mean, naturally.  Why shouldn't they go and tell the person I found scary that I found them to be scary.  Honestly what was I thinking?
So this guy disappeared for a little while but recently has been coming again.  He generally comes in and says something to the degree of "Remember when we first met and you thought that I was scary?" and then gives a little chortle.  (Just between you and me, he still scares me...)
Ok I'm getting to why I titled this "Bring your Degree".  So this same guy recently asked me "So you have your Masters in Library?" and I replied that I in fact do.  He then said, "Will you please bring in your degree for me?  I have met too many people that have tried to fool me that I don't believe anything people say anymore." 
Riiiight.  Well I don't really care if you believe me.  You can take my help as a librarian...or not. 

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