A-Z Challenge

A-Z Challenge
So this is my first blog- and my first attempt at this challenge. Wish me luck!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


I missed a day!  Ahhhh.  Sorry about that.  So today you'll get E and F.
At my library I get people from...pretty much everywhere.  This has introduced me to a lot of different cultures.
Generally people come from Trenton (where the library is) or other parts of New Jersey.  Sometimes they come from Pennsylvania.  (Actually this makes me think of one interesting time: People who are Mercer County -NJ- residents can use the library.  If a resident comes and would like to use the library, I ask for some sort of ID -generally a Driver's License. One time someone provided me with a Pennsylvania license... which somehow they thought would be satisfactory ID!)
So I've had lots of people from other countries.  I find these people interesting because clearly they are used to a different way of life.  One guy was raised without any respect for women (which provides for an interesting situation as this library is run by all women).  He used to snap his fingers to get us to come over to him.  More on him later.  It's also interesting to see other people's reactions to policies in this library.  I've had people react with anything from "You mean I actually can take this book home with me for a while?" to "Well isn't it your job to do research for me?"
It's all very interesting. :-)

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